Customer Experiences - In Their Own Words

Pushkar Sathe

Assistant Manager
Selec Control, Navi Mumbai

My introduction to HariBol came through ISKCON temple, and I find immense pride in being associated with such a remarkable organization. The team's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their ever-present availability, promptly addressing any inquiries, be it through phone calls or WhatsApp. I wholeheartedly extend my best wishes to the HariBol team.

Suraj Nair

Management consultant,
Sterling Information Resources Pvt. Ltd.

HariBol distinguishes itself with an extraordinary commitment to providing only the freshest and purest dairy products. In an era where milk adulteration is rampant, I entrust HariBol to meet the basic needs of my family, assuring unadulterated and chemical-free goodness. The courteous and efficient service further adds to my satisfaction, and I commend the entire HariBol team for their praiseworthy efforts.

Vishwas Modal

Sr. Manager, SCNA

A consistent patron of HariBol for two years now, I attribute my loyalty to the brand's exceptional product quality. The daily subscription of their Milk and curd never fails to impress with its impeccable taste and freshness. Those who prioritize their health and yearn for daily doses of freshness should unequivocally choose HariBol. The professionalism demonstrated by their seamless delivery process further complements the overall experience.

Rajeshree Kamtekar


My year-long association with HariBol has been nothing short of contentment and delight. The milk's superior quality and rich creaminess, evident through its thick, yellow after-boiling appearance, showcase their unwavering commitment to excellence. Operating their user-friendly app to order milk and other products is an absolute breeze, enhancing the overall convenience of the experience.

Kirtikumar Agarwal

Business Owner

HariBol's user-friendly app provides effortless access to their exceptional quality Gir cow milk. I have consciously opted for A2 cow milk for my family, as it exemplifies health benefits and unparalleled quality. Moreover, their Bilona ghee possesses an unmatched flavour and richness, setting them apart from competitors. Indeed, HariBol reigns supreme with their delectable Bilona ghee, leaving no room for comparison with any other brand.

Kranti Ghag

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Engineering
D J Sanghvi College of Engineering

As a steadfast patron of HariBol since 2020, I have consistently relished the prompt and reliable delivery service of their A2 Milk. The milk's freshness and delightful taste make each sip a gratifying experience. With regular doorstep deliveries, HariBol ensures a seamless supply. Additionally, their assortment of dairy products, including Dahi, paneer, and Ghee, exude delectable flavours that truly tantalize the senses.